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"That will have to be addressed on both sides of what is essentially at this point a non existent border," Dempsey told reporters Thursday.

New Balance Kids 574

"If we see plotting against Americans, see a threat to the United States emanating from anywhere, we stand ready to take action against that threat," Rhodes told reporters. officials said.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey both made clear that defeating Islamic State jihadists' rampage through northern Iraq would require going after them in neighboring Syria.

New Balance Kids 574

New Balance Kids 574

New Balance Kids 574

and better governance in Iraq and Syria to build public opposition to the extremists.

Risky move

strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well funded," he told reporters. "This is beyond anything that we've seen."Hagel and Dempsey also said that defeating ISIS requires a broad based approach that includes forging an international coalition New Balance 574 Women Grey

"Political reform will make it harder for (ISIS) to exploit sectarian divisions," Hagel said. The United States and other powers New Balance 373 Black Burgundy

But the President, who has declined to arm rebels fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, faces a policy change certain to embolden critics in both parties of his reticence back then.

New Balance Kids 574

"You have an adversary that is so proud of its accomplishments and so driven by its ideology that they want to appear on the world stage as our peer," said Philip Mudd, a former CIA counterterrorism official.

will shore up Iraq at the same time.

New Balance Kids 574

The United States should build a coalition against ISIS that includes regional countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan that can contribute air power much of it provided by America, Hof said.

"They marry ideology, a sophistication of New Balance 574 Mens Sale

New Balance Kids 574

In June, he sent military advisers to work with Iraqi and Kurdish forces against the lightning ISIS sweep through the north. personnel and minority groups threatened by the Sunni extremists.

His former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has distanced herself from him on Syria strategy during his first term as New Balance Kids 574 she prepares for a possible presidential run in 2016. forces into Syria earlier this year in a failed attempt to free Foley. citizens and interests, superseding any legal considerations such as being asked by the host government to enter, argued Frederic Hof, Obama's former point man on Syria. military involvement in Iraq to combat ISIS less than three years after ending a lengthy war there.

New Balance Kids 574

New Balance Kids 574

Obama had avoided what he called reckless interventions of the past, particularly the Iraq War, launched by his predecessor.

New Balance Kids 574

"All agree at some level or another that ISIS presents a threat," he noted.

Hagel emphasized the ISIS threat on Thursday.

´╗┐Is Obama heading toward airstrikes in Syria

Critics could argue that Obama's decision to previously keep out of the Syrian conflict contributed to ISIS' growth.

New Balance Kids 574

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